Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy weekend.

It's the start of the Birthday season. At least at our house it is. We have two parties to go to this weekend, Chey's party will be next week and Eli's a couple of weeks after that. Plus my husband, my best friend, my cousin (my other best friend), my Mom, one of my nephews, a niece, my MIL and FIL all have birthdays between now and early November. I guess it's the celebratory Christmas season and ensuing winter blues that makes for all of these babies born around this time... maybe we should all find something else to do.... How about knitting??? ;)

With that little segue, I am proud to say that I'm farther in Eli's BTSS than I was before the unfortunate sleeve miscalculation and subsequent trip to the frog pond. I'm nearly finished the body, but slightly concerned that I've underestimated the amount of red needed to finish, oh well, I suppose that's part of the charm of knitting..... "Do I have enough, is it the right size, how's it going to hold up in the wash and over time, how will the recipient like it, is it itchy, too warm, not warm enough??" The adrenaline rush of all the uncertainty keeps the excitement alive. I'm not sure how far I'll get today as I plan to meet my friend and her sons at the local roller skating rink a little later on for some butt bruising fun (hopefully, that's all I'll bruise; a graceful skater, I am not).

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