Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behold!en or Be-Holden?

Regardless of the attempt at the clever title, my handspun Holden shawl is complete. It has actually been finished for several days, but as we have been living in the depths of a mini Ice Age, I was unable to take pictures of the damn thing.. uh, I mean the gorgeous thing. Today, however, the weather has improved dramatically..... without further ado....

Behold! "Holden"

I've also finished Chey's All-in-One (including one frogging of the hood), but sent her to school today without taking proper pictures. Pictures and pattern to follow, eventually.......

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Sweater.

My after Christmas sweater is complete and I LOVE it!! The yarn is so soft and lovely with a wonderful shine and fabulous drape. It's lightweight, pretty and comfy..... and my own design. I thought about publishing the pattern (and I still may, we'll see), but the thought of figuring out the sleeves for a multitude of sizes brought me up short, particularly the sleeve cap.

Yarn is Juliespins (Ravelry link) Silky 435, unclub colourway "Ice Maiden." I'm thoroughly addicted to Juliespins..... and this yarn is my new favourite...... Sooooo,  without further ado.....

Speaking of Juliespins.... I did a Fibre unclub in December and bought a few braids. In previous unclubs, I have always requested no yellow or orange, (two colours I just cannot wear) but decided to remain silent this time and I am SO glad I did. I LOVED this braid and I wouldn't have received it, had I made my typical request. This was the two-tone braid of 85% Humbug (multi-coloured BFL) and 15% Silk. I decided, at once, to purposefully spin a lace-fingering weight single. And had success! 413m of a light fingering-fingering weight yarn (fulled to finish). I will be casting a Holden Shawlette (starting with the darker and ending with the lighter) very soon.