Friday, September 25, 2009

Another FO

Lookie what I finished yesterday..... isn't it purdy??? Details of the modifications I did are on Ravelry

I'm still working on the Super Fiber Sampler.... I haven't been that motivated, truth be told... but I will finish the first half soon (I guess another week or so is still "soon", right?)

Friday, September 11, 2009


My stat counter (the thing that sort of lets me know that people occasionally read my blog) must have had a coronary because it suddenly jumped from 1600-ish visits in the last year or so, to nearly 12,000.... in one day..... I'm thinking that 10,000 people did not read my blog yesterday..... which means my counter thingy is wrong, which bothers me..... 'cause I'm weird, that's why.....

I'm currently working on a blog post about my work with the raw fleece sampler, but I'm not going to post it until at least half of the samples are washed, prepped and spun...... I've finished two so far, so it's gonna be a bit of a wait......

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adventures in Fleece

I finally finished the spinning project that was holding up my fleece processing adventures. I purchased 8 oz (227g) of a lovely 70% Merino 30% Silk Top in "Mackenzie Tartan" from WC Mercantile's etsy store a few months ago, in order to make a scarf as a gift for someone special.

The yarn is wonderful. I ended up doing a 2ply from a center pull ball and got 5 skeins (should have been 4, but one broke) totaling around 400m of sport weight yarn/dk weight yarn. The yarn is more blue than the pictures and has little flecks of red, green, white and gray. I think I'll use it to make My So Called Scarf (Ravelry Link)

Once the yarn finished with a good wash and thwack, I immediately grabbed the Polwarth that I washed last week and started to card it. So far, so good..... I think...

I haven't only been spinning.... I also cast on for Vivian I plan to knit it without a hood or zipper and am using the suggested yarn in "Biscuit".