Thursday, August 28, 2008

A BIG day...

Yesterday was busy. Firstly, Eli had a pediatrician appointment to talk about treatment for his ADHD (I'll get to that in a moment) and we had Chey's third birthday party (her birthday is next week). I had decorated for the party the day before, but still had to do some final cleaning, organizing, present wrapping, cake picking up, food picking up and additional odds and sods. 

Here's a picture of the party table.

The Birthday girl:

We had Petland bring some animals to the party. Chey's favorite, by far, was the snake:

She liked the bunnies too, though we also had kitties, Guinea pigs, two lizards (which were her second favs) and a ferret:

And the Grand Finale, the opening of the gifts... to which she is clearly saying "I want THAT one!"

All in all it was a great party! I can't believe my baby girl is three.... sigh...

Based on the aforementioned pediatrician appointment, Eli started his therapy treatment for ADHD today. Even though I've done a ton of research and looked into several options (I've had eight months to research and experiment with food etc) and had predetermined that some form of medical intervention would work the best for our situation, I was still slightly hesitant. And even with the positive reviews of other parents of children with ADHD, I still had a touch of my preconceived notions of medical intervention for ADHD. He started the lowest dose today and what a difference. I can't even start to tell you what a wonderful child I have. The best part of the entire day was when he told me that he felt smarter because his brain wasn't running around so much and he felt like he didn't NEED (he put the emphasis on *need* when he told me) to talk so much. He's still a chatterbox and enthusiastic about his questions. He's still hilarious and creative. But he's much, much more focused, polite, gentle, sweet, kind, caring, sharing and quiet...... 

A note on Eli's BTSS.... I think I'm gonna run out of yarn.... I only have about two inches of the body left and I am not sure I have enough... cross your fingers for me.

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