Saturday, September 20, 2008

So close and yet, so very far....

I'm nearly (nearly as in "close"; kind of like in horseshoes and hand grenades) finished my Riding to Avalon hoodie. I'm about half way through the hood and then I need to pick up my provisional cast on for the bottom (have I mentioned how brilliant it is to do such a bottom edge??? What a great way to control the length, which is probably my number one nemesis in knitting). Then, of course, is the finishing (blech). Sewing in the ends (I've done most of them already), crocheting the buttonholes and attaching said buttons (did I mention there are 16 buttons in the pattern??? I'm already thinking of making it 12). The buttons I've chosen are a lovely pewter flower. OK, I've picked out two full sets of buttons (they're both really pretty and I *know* I'll use them somewhere). One set even has larger buttons that I bought to use for the closure at the neckline. Here is a photo of the almost complete sweater with examples of the buttons (and a close up of the buttons for detail's sake) I'm leaning towards the larger ones, mostly because I'm not sure I have enough of the smaller ones for the neckline:

I've already run out of yarn for this sweater once and I'm not sure why. I haven't double checked, but I seem to be on gauge and it fits, so the measurements should be close. I haven't done any modifications (yet... as I still haven't decided on a completed length and I am going to do the purl twist stitch for an inch or so along the bottom, rather than the one row of garter to stop the bottom edge from rolling (which never seems to work for me)), so I can't use mods as my excuse for running out of yarn. I wasn't a little short on yarn either, I ran out about 1/4 of the way through the second sleeve before I even started the hood or the finish on the bottom. I was able to obtain more of the same yarn in the same dye-lot, but I bought 4 balls just in case and I'm thinking I'm going to need 3 of them which will mean that I was WAY short. Once it's all finished, washed and dried flat (the most blocking it's going to see), I will measure it (and the gauge) to see exactly how short I was. I also couldn't manage to pick up 91 stitches around the neckline for the hood. I only picked up 81 (I'm knitting the smallest size), so hopefully that won't effect the way the garment looks in the end. 91 stitches would have caused the neckline to gather a lot. The other thing I did, was to bind off the shoulders before I started on the hood. The instructions say to do it after, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why that was. There didn't seem to be a need to do it that way and it seemed like it would be awkward to do a 3 needle bind off once the edge stitches were picked up for the hood. Again, hopefully that won't come back to haunt me...... 

On the non-knitting front, I had Eli's first parent teacher interview on Thursday night. His teacher (same teacher as last year) couldn't believe the difference in Eli at school. He is attentive, interested and works hard. He hasn't had any outbursts at school and even when she was sure he was going to blow, he managed to control himself and express himself appropriately. Any issues she has had (and there have been very few) are of the regular seven-year-old-boy variety. She told me that her class is super easy this year

On that note: my baby boy is now officially SEVEN. His birthday was on Thursday and on Wednesday he finally lost his first two teeth. OK, he sort of lost them... the dentist actually had to pull them because his adult teeth were growing in so far behind that he said they'd never fall out on their own. He was awesome at the dentist as well, super brave and pretty excited to finally have some missing teeth. Here are two pictures; one of my teeny tiny 3lb baby boy and one of the toothless grin of a seven year old.

Eli's official Birthday party is next weekend. He's decided on a rollerskating party. That should be fun (and funny) because my Dad and his wife are coming to visit and the party was intentionally planned so that they could attend  (I cannot WAIT to see my Dad on roller skates! I need some laughs too! LOL).

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