Monday, September 1, 2008

As summer comes to the end.

Today was the last day of summer. I know, I know, summer doesn't officially end until September 21st (ish), but Labour Day has always been the last day of summer for me (as I'm sure it is for many others). We had a good summer, all in all. It was quiet and not too busy, but with enough activity to keep it interesting, but we tried to pack in a few extras this weekend, mainly the Calgary Corn Maze and the revitalized Southland Leisure Centre. 

Here's a picture from the corn maze.

I'm a bit sad that school starts tomorrow, but also looking forward to getting our days back on schedule.

I've started two new projects in knitting. The first is a Christmas Present, so the details shall remain vague. It's already been frogged because I'm not super happy with my yarn choice. The colour was perfect, the yarn was nice, but I've decided that bulky yarn is not for me. Fortunately, the pattern I've chosen was also written for a finer yarn, so I'll be looking for that in the next couple of weeks. 

The second project is for myself. I've been wanting to make a nice hoodie (I selected the Riding to Avalon hoodie from the fall 2008 issue of Knitscene Magazine) for myself for a while. Originally, I wanted cashmere, but decided that I'd rather it be easy care so I went with a nice superwash wool from Sublime (which doesn't seem to have a good website, so I didn't link it) in a purple-ish burgundy colour. This has also been frogged once because I'm not sure if I want it longer or not and decided to do a provisional cast on so that I could lengthen it at the end if required (perhaps, I've finally learned my lesson about knitting tops that are too short, Ha!). 

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  1. Hahaha! What a funny picture from the Corn Maze!