Monday, May 14, 2012

Why try to deny it?

I had said to myself (and anyone that would listen) that I wasn't going to buy a fleece this weekend when I took my Mom and Harold out to see sheep shearing, but I lied. I knew, even as I spoke, that I was telling a giant whopper and yet... I continued with the farce.... I continued right up until my friend Heather agreed to split a fleece with me in about the first three seconds of our arrival at the farm.... and ended up splitting two fleeces (although one is not in my hot little hands so it doesn't count yet, right?? ) with her.

The kids had a blast playing with the newborn bottle-fed lamb and feeding the sheep (until Eli started vomiting, but that's a whole different story.... a 12 hr story... Let's just say that large ziploc bags are now a permanent part of my necessary driving supplies and listening to your child vomit into said ziploc bag should be added to the "distracted driving" laws, but I digress)

Zippy the Lamb 

A very friendly wether (neutered male)

I love alpacas... they remind me of Dr. Suess characters

My Mom was fascinated by the shearing. I think she was really missing her farm days.

Poor Eli, this picture should have been my first clue that something was very wrong....

And finally...... my new fleece which may or may not be from the exact same sheep as last time.... A South African Meat Merino

I promise I won't try to deny my lack of self control next time. I'll own it!

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