Friday, February 18, 2011

This is what happens when you are forced to do nothing.....

On Tuesday last week, I woke up to a severe pain in my hip. I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit, I had to ask Eli to put on my socks...... I drew the line at asking him to help me get my undies on ..... THAT was half hilarious, half tear inducing. I had to throw them on the ground and try to scoop them up with my disabled leg and then carefully, reach down to my limit for pain to pull them on. Going to the bathroom was also interesting, but I'll spare you the details... I'm sure the underwear picture that is now indelibly stuck in your mind is enough information for one day..... ...  I spent the first day limping slowly around my house, laughing (in between the dark spots that formed when I moved too quickly in any one direction) at the fact that from the back, I looked like a 90 year old woman in severe need of a hip replacement, but from the front.... SURPRISE..... a 37 year old woman appeared and in pretty good shape, if I do say so myself...... The second day... the urge to knit struck and as, I really couldn't do anything else...... I managed to knit 3/4 of a sweater in 3 days..... the last 1/4 of the sweater took another 4 days (I had to fix my house after 5 days of not being able to do anything)..... and yesterday, I was done.....

The pattern is True North by Amy Swenson with several modifications to make it bit shorter and to close with a zipper, rather than a longer belted cardigan as it was intended...... I had originally intended to sew in a fleece liner, but I'm apparently not very good at sewing, so it remains unlined. I love it! It's going to be my casual spring/fall jacket..... The sleeves are too long for me and I think I'm going to cut off the cuff, but I want to wash it and wear it a bit before I decide.

Nice, eh?

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  1. That looks great! Love it! I hope you are feeling better.