Monday, February 7, 2011

I've been on a Bender.....

and I can feel it.... my head is woozy, my hands hurt and I don't really remember what happened. Somehow, in the last two weeks, I've managed to complete seven projects (actually nine, I did make two each of the toys). They haven't been large projects, mind you.... but even for me, seven seems like a lot.....

I knit these mitts for Dale to line his work mittens. He loves them, they keep his hands nice and warm even on the coldest days.....

I knit myself another pair of gloves to replace the cashmere pair I knit last year. They wore out, poor things..... Pattern is Meisi, by Julia Mueller knit in Indigo Moon Superwash Merino.

I then decided that I wanted to spin some top that I purchased before Christmas. Another JulieSpins creation in a blend of Merino, cashmere and nylon... so soft and squishy..... I made a 3-ply chunky yarn and knit this awesome circular cowl that can be worn several ways.

Next, I knit this super cool sweater... It's called Endless and it totally makes me happy. You can wear it a bunch of different ways, it is comfy, cute and fashionable. 

I also knit this cute skirt for my friend's daughter's birthday on Sunday (she turned 2... Happy Birthday Aubrey!). I must make one for Chey... it is a sweet, swingy skirt with an adjustable waistband.... perfect!

and finally, I  crocheted these critters inspired by the hot iPhone game "Angry Birds" for the kids... They love the game and Eli even had the plush birds on his Christmas wish list... I'm envisioning the real life version that's going to take place in the basement.... I hope I don't regret making these... ;) Two of each (I do have two kids... which can suck in these circumstances... why is it not OK to pick a favourite and just make stuff that that one?? Just kidding, just kidding..... mostly)

Believe it or not.. I still had time to go skating several times, volunteer in each child's class twice... and my house hasn't fallen apart..... small projects rock? 

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