Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spin-a-Sweater... coming along nicely....

Ok, Ok... I'll admit it..... The sweater should probably be done by now. I rarely take more than a couple of weeks to finish a sweater and I sort of figured that doing a spin to completion project would double the time it would normally take...... Which would mean that I should have finished about a month ago... and I would have, but I ran into a snag with the sleeves. I had plenty of yarn spun, plied and finished.... but one skein was over spun (I was being way to careful) and the texture and look of the yarn was wrong in comparison to the other skeins.  I knit the sleeve anyway, but in the end... decided I needed to spin new yarn. The other skein was 1 WPI (wraps per inch) fatter, so it threw off the gauge. At this point, I decided to put the sweater in a much needed time out and switched gears to quickly whip out my Cowl Shell and this shawlette, made with the handspun silk I  finished in March.

I wanted to use as much of the 400m as I could, but the pattern I choose used only 250m, so I added an extra repeat of the diamond pattern and made up my own edging... In the end, I used up all but 8g... pretty awesome, in my opinion.... I'm not super happy with the edging as I couldn't get it to block in any kind of pretty shape. But I didn't dislike it enough to pull it out and start again.... The finished shawlette is the perfect size for summer (I haven't taken measurements) and it looks great on, so I'm happy... plus I get extra bonus points for the handspun part... right???

Here are some pictures of the the sweater's progress..... just a teaser.... hopefully, I'll have finished sweater pictures within the next week? With elbow length sleeves.... 'cause I'm feeling done... elbow isn't "that" much shorter than 3/4 length... after all..... 

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