Thursday, June 24, 2010

Justifiable bragging.

After what felt like a millennium and a half (in reality it took 2 months, plus 2 days), I finally finished my handspun cardigan.

I am magic.... I turned this pile of 80% merino, 20% silk roving given to me by my wonderful Dad and his very supportive wife:

Into a whole bunch of these, spun S: 32-36WPI (don't ask me about the draw, I don't know what it's called):

Which were then converted into some of these, 3 ply, 12WPI (plus or minus):

And knitted into pieces of this, (bang on gauge, except for the sleeves, which I had to reduce needle size for):

Which were blocked, sewn up and transformed into the final bit of magic. VOILA!:

It's purdy..... REALLLY purdy.... I had some minor spinning mishaps along the way, but overall, I think it went excellently. So I shall now proclaim..... I RAWK..... and move on to my next project..... which will not include a spinning component.


  1. You have such amazing talent!!!! you do RAWK!
    - Karen

  2. WOW!! Amazing! Such an inspiration, you are!! How Yoda am I??

  3. incredible!!!

    (i miss you... are you growing your hair? how are you doing without your pal?)