Friday, June 4, 2010

Gaining confidence?

I've been working on another design. I love cowl or draped neck tops. I think they're very flattering and they even make me look, dare I say, Busty..... I also LOVE silk, but didn't have any in my stash that would be suitable, so I went stash diving and came up with some Oasis Solid in a nice pink. I then got straight to work. I drew my design, knit up my swatch (and washed it) and researched the yarn on Ravelry to see what others had said. It was another yarn that, although it has fabulous drape, stretches when washed and worn. I took all of this into consideration when I cast on for my new top. Unlike my last design I had no problems and finished the entire top in less than 5 days. I tried it on, but it was too stiff to tell if it would work out the way I'd hoped... so I washed it and prayed...... I tried it on the next day and was thrilled. It was the EXACT top that I had envisioned when I had started the whole process....... and so, without further ado.....

If you'd like to buy the pattern, here's a link

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  1. Seriously gorgeous, Myrna! You are very, very talented.