Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm nervous, so be nice....

I've done it! I've written my first big pattern.

I have designed stuff for myself before, always with intentions of "someday" writing down the pattern, but when "someday" comes... I can't remember exactly what I've done and my notes are total crap... so I don't write it. This time, I designed a top for myself with the full intention of attempting to write the pattern. I sketched a picture, I took lots of measurements of myself, I did a gauge swatch, I washed my gauge swatch, I cast on.... I knit through the yoke and down past the bust when I discovered that my original idea was NOT going to work..... I had managed to make a top that looked like I had rows of gills along my back, it was NOT flattering..... I frogged.... I cast on again, but with a few adjustments to my design idea and began knitting.... This time it worked.... It was magical..... And before I knew it, I had a finished top. It was a bit tight (I had planned it to be tight, but felt it was too tight and that made me unsure), but I wore it out to knit night to see what kind of response I would get.... It was VERY positive... the girls thought it was lovely and convinced me to go ahead with the actual writing of the pattern. My plan to knit a tight top in silk worked perfectly... as I wore the top it stretched out and became super comfy... just like a nice fitting pair of comfy jeans......

Here is a link to Ravelry where you can buy the pattern if you'd like......

Silk Peasant Tee (Ravelry Link)

or you can buy the pattern right from here without a Ravelry Membership (if I did it right) for $3 US


  1. It's gorgeous, Myrna! You're so talented :)

  2. Gorgeous! If that would look even marginally good on me, I'd totally buy the pattern! I'm very impressed. :)