Sunday, November 30, 2008

Growing a knitter.....

I taught Eli to knit last spring. He learned quickly, but only averaged about a row or two per week throughout the spring and summer and fall. He finished his masterpiece this past week. A hat, knit with Malabrigo. Using the inspiration I received from the Yarn Harlot's book "Knitting Rules," I cast on 20 stitches (turned out to be about 10 too few) and had him knit in garter stitch until the hat fit around his head, slightly stretched. Once is was completed, I then picked up and knitted a 2x2 rib brim with a bit of a rolled stockinette edge. Anyway... it's complete and it looks great! He immediately had me cast on for his next project... a matching scarf (although, I don't think there is enough yarn left, he might end up with a cowl).

Dontcha love the "teenager-ish" look on his face..... LOL

My latest project is coming along very nicely. After a few false starts (I thought I was going crazy... every time I started the sweater all of the cables were backwards... until I realized that I was starting on a wrong side row, which STILL needs to be read from left to right on the chart, not right to left.. duh....), I'm nearly finished the first front piece of my Fireside sweater (again, it's a Ravelry link for those who aren't members). I've added three inches to the length, but probably should have only added one or two.... Oh well, it's gonna be a wonderfully warm and luscious sweater to wear. The only thing I'm not super thrilled with is the buttons, so I'm going to knit that piece last and hope for some inspiration.

Oh... and don't look too closely... I've mis-crossed several cables, but decided that it can only be seen on close inspection

And finally, the last of my Christmas knitting... a pair of socks for my Grandmother.... Hopefully, they'll be done for Christmas, but I'm not loving the yarn or the colour (although, she really likes both), so it's taking me longer....

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