Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I know I have a problem now...

Today was a great day. Chey went to my neighbour's dayhome for a playday and Dale and I went shopping together, just for us. No Christmas presents, no kid shopping, just shopping for us. It was lovely..... During this excursion, I decided to look at wedding bands. I'd really love a new wedding ring. My original was purchased on a shoestring budget and is very, very thin and my engagement ring tangles up and catches in yarn when I knit, so I never wear them. I occasionally think it might be nice to advertise that I am, indeed, married. Anyway, I found one I really liked. It was a beautiful ring, but to be sure...... I pulled out my knitting (a pair of slippers at an unrecognizable stage of knitting) and knit a couple of stitches... right there in front of the jewelry salesman..... To his credit, he barely batted an eye.......

Downside was that the ring I loved won't work with my knitting...... sigh....


  1. Only other knitters would understand why you left thaat ring in the store.

  2. i totally get it... that's why jim and i aren't married. the ring would mess up my knitting.

  3. i am bare handed as well...with my beautiful wedding diamonds sitting upstairs waiting.... I must admit I laughed out loud at this though...and it's true. Only a fellow knitter would understand.