Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to back..

It's been a busy couple of weeks, visitor-wise. First my Grandmother (my children's' GREAT-grandmother) came out for a visit and to watch the kids while Dale was working so that I could go to the retreat. Then, almost immediately following came my Mother-in-Law..... it's all or none in the visitor department at our house, baby!! LOL

Unfortunately, this means that I haven't done much in the way of any knitting. I started (and ripped out several times, until I liked the way the colours were working out) a scarf for myself out of Handmaiden Fine Yarns Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk in a colourway called "Nova Scotia" which is a lovely blend of teals, blues and greens. I'm knitting the scarf from a stitch pattern out of one of Barbara Walker's stitch dictionaries, I think it's called Vine Lace..... I now know why it is that I've never knit myself a scarf before..... it's a lot of turning and short knitting rows.... although, I did take the opportunity to teach myself (I figured out how to do it without looking up any techniques) how to knit backwards and can now knit backwards as fast as I can purl and will soon be able do it faster, I'm sure.

What I have done, with all this company, is finish (or very nearly) my Christmas shopping! Yes, that's right.... I'm done!! I have four children left to buy for and I'll do that in the next week or so (I know what they're all getting so that makes it like they're done to, IMO)...... even my Christmas knitting is almost done..... I have two small-ish projects left.... mwhahahaha! I love being done early!

I also decided which yarn I want to use to knit my Fireside sweater (sorry, it's a Ravelry link for those of you not on Rav.). I'm going to use Malabrigo Silky wool, two strands held together in the colourway of London Sky. I had enough for one strand in my stash and ordered another "set". I'm not worried about the dye lot because I'll just hold one strand from my stash and one of the new and it'll blend out nicely.... I'm excited! I've loved this pattern since I first saw it......

Ohhhh.... and I'm pretty sure I know what my darling hubbard got me for Christmas.... but I'm not telling, just in case I'm wrong.... It's gonna be awesome though......

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  1. YUM!! The Malabrigo wool colours are amazing and look edible! I need to branch out...

    And as for the "knowing" what your darling got you already...I can totally see that in you. I am much the same, although I think you could beat me in a race. :)