Monday, November 24, 2008

What's wrong with Barbie???

I've always wanted a daughter..... a girl, to do, well, girly things with..... a girl to play with Barbies, Dolls, Doll houses, makeup, clothes and of course to go shopping...... This, however, is NOT what I'm getting..... which I kind of figured because when you want a girly girl.. you get... a tomboy.....

Yesterday, we went to the movie "Bolt" (awesome 3D movie, BTW) and after went to Chapters (a Canadian Bookstore chain) to pick up a couple of new Christmas books. While we were there, Eli went straight for the Webkinz.... like a bee to honey. And Chey??? Chey went straight for the rack of animals.... not just ANY animal though.... the SHARKS!!! Yes, I said Sharks! My darling, sweet, girly girl wanted a Shark...... and a crocodile. I half-heartedly tried to convince her to get a Webkinz.... "How about a Dinosaur Webkinz??? No??? Sigh...." I knew it would be a failure, but I still wanted to try...... Here she is with her new toys.... which she slept with last night and packed around all day, until she set the shark down for an instant and one of the dogs stole it and ate it...... I suppose Santa will have to replace it for her, but he's gonna throw something girly in her stocking too... because I am not giving up without a fight!!!


  1. Hee hee!!! Mine have endless hours of Barbies and Polly Pocket play time in their pasts...and so we bought encourage them to be LESS girly. However, I don't think it's a removable thing...

  2. Don't worry! Charlotte wasn't into Barbie and dolls when she was Chey's age. You could probably introduce some teapot sets or kitchen set to her at this point. Charlotte only started playing with minature Aurora doll dress up toys only at age 4+.