Sunday, October 19, 2008

It has FINALLY happened!!!

This is the day I've been waiting for. A day which I was sure would never, ever happen. My husband, has finally, requested that I knit him a sweater! You could have knocked me over with a ball of mohair! Granted, the aforementioned sweater is to be a plain, boring everyday kind of sweater that he can use at work as a layer (he's a welder, so it will soon have more holes in it than a yarn stash full of moths, but I don't even care). I've been trying to convince him to let me knit him a sweater for years. What sane human being wouldn't like a handknit sweater-o-love from someone they care about? My husband, apparently. He's managed come up with numerous excuses over the years, "they itch, they're too hot, they're too fussy," to name a few and I'd basically given up hope (and had moved on to more worthy victims, er, uhhh... recipients... of my craft), when he decided today, that a hand knit sweater would be just the ticket to keep him warm in our frigid -30C plus Calgary winters. Of course, I immediately knew what I was going to knit him, I've seen it many times on Ravelry, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Seamless Hybrid (I apologize for the link, you can only see the sweater if you have a ravelry account, I'm afraid). It seems like the perfect man's sweater. The only real problem was that I don't actually own the book with the pattern in it (darn it, that's terrible *note: intense sarcasm*). And so, there was only one thing I could do...... I immediately went to Schoolhouse Press to buy EZ's "Knitting without tears" and since I was there already and had ordered one book, I decided that this was the opportune time to purchase Barbara Walkers "Treasury Set," a set of four books of knitting stitches which had also been on my wish list.

Of course, with my current knitting queue, I'm not sure exactly WHEN, I'm going to knit him this sweater..... but that's not the point, really.....


  1. ha! You're funny. I'm glad you celebrated by purchasing the COMPLETE SET of BW's knitting treasury.


  2. Hahaha!! I'm so glad Dale finally gave in. I have the same spousal knitting negativity at my house. I don't even think he'd wear a scarf if it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen! Poor me. Perhaps I need a new pattern book as well.....