Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I know you want to see the finished product

Man! Have I been in a funk lately! Not sure if I had a touch of something or just localized blech, but I woke up on Saturday to a much cheerier disposition (although Dale might dispute this) and we finally finished our front garden (maybe 98% finished, I still have some plants to plant and a few decorative items to buy and place, but mostly... it's done!). I looks so pretty that I thought I should show it off.... I did a post about the "before" and "mid-way" portions a month or so ago, but here is a before shot if you're too lazy (as I would be) to go back and check.

And now....

I think it's much better and as time goes and things grow it will look even nicer....

Here are some close ups of the rock garden (or smurf/fairy garden as my neighbour's daughter calls it)

Eventually there will be moss and creeping thyme between all of the pavers

Isn't this pretty?

We also made our own stepping stone out of concrete when Dale expanded the Driveway.... I wanted to draw in the expansion, but how do you take that with you??

And here are a few pictures of the backyard. Lots of planters

Gladiolas, my first time growing these...

The garden box.... it's looked exactly like this for a month.... We need some SUN!

One of the two tomato plants that I started in the house in January... It's HUGE!

And the main garden bed... which gets prettier every year...

I also made a new birdbath. I used a glass plate that I had made several years ago when I experimented with glass fusion. The plate is really pretty, but not very functional. I used a bit of chain and a hanging basket holder... it's perfect!

My MIL paints rocks to look like flowers and houses... They look fantastic in the garden, tucked under plants like little fairy houses....

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  1. Awesome!! The whole thing looks fantastic. I remember when we moved to Montreal, we redid every bit of garden and added new gardens, removed trees etc and it felt so fabulous to have it all the way we wanted it. Living in this new house, it's taking more time to figure out exactly what we want and where (in the tiny plot of land they call a yard), but it's all coming along and I love how they all get better with time and love! Yours will only get better and more beautiful! Love, the "fairy house" rock by your MIL. Talented lady!!