Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knit Club Blankets

The last day of middle school is tomorrow, but I was able to go into the school today to show the kids the fruits of their labour ...

Introducing the first (I hope annual) Knit club blankets. I was able to make two small preemie sized blankets from the 18 squares I received (of those, I only fully knit five... I did have to complete a few). The blankets will be handed over to the Western Canada Oddball Blanket Society where they will be donated to the NICU at the Foothills Hospital here in Calgary. I'm incredibly proud of the kids that joined my club and look forward to next year (I've been asked to start a club in my daughter's elementary school as well... yikes!):

As I don't have parental permission (Except for Eli... I'm pretty sure his parent has approved my use of his image... I should get something signed), I can't show you the faces of the kids, but I thought this picture would work just as well..... My Knit club!

And on an unrelated note... Eli was awarded an "Outstanding Achievement in Math" certificate today! I'm so proud of him! Great Job Eli! You've come along way......

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  1. Awesome and awesome! Great job Eli!