Sunday, March 18, 2012

I know I'm not unique or original, so when the title for this blog post popped into my head, I had to Google it (along with the word blog) to see how many people have used that title..... Turns out, it was exactly as I thought.... TONS.... I quickly scanned through the first 10 pages of blogs with "" as the post title before I realized that I could never use it..... However,  I couldn't get it out of my head, so I've decided to use it ironically.

In the quest to post more frequently, I'm going to try moving my blog in a different, albeit similar direction. Think of it as SAHM Knits 2.0 Beta (because I'm not sure yet). The same amount of knitting and spinning interspersed with some daily life, but with the addition of other things.  For example: I made Eli some adjustable waist pants today (I didn't make the pants, just the adjustable part) and rather than sew, clean and be done... I photographed the process and I will do a blog about it this week (not tonight, it's getting late).... and I never did show off the indoor garden we have growing in the basement (yes, it's the kind I CAN show off.... sheesh people! I have children!).

I will admit that this slight change in direction may be influenced by Pinterest, an online pin board chock FULL of inspiration for craft projects, home projects, cooking, reading, art, music, style, makeup, hair... you name it, it's on there. I decided to learn how to do French Tips on my nails after seeing a cool nail picture that someone else had pinned. I've found websites that are great inspiration for braiding and styling Chey's hair (she is not impressed by this for some reason, perhaps if I let her watch slasher Dinosaur Documentaries while I do it, she'll be happier? She is quite thrilled that I learned to colour her hair green with pastels for the day so there is hope for her yet in the girlie department). Someone pinned an indoor Vermicomposting product, so naturally I had to find out how that worked... Can you guess what an upcoming blog post might be about???  Not all of my new flashes of creative brilliance are fanned in  Pinterest, but they are most definitely sparked there...

and you get to read all about it.....

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