Monday, July 25, 2011

Full Circle.....

Once, long ago.... in late October to be exact.... there was a humble, but lovely, ball of silk, lace-weight yarn. This yarn was destined to be something grand (it had been purchased on a trip to Vancouver Island), something wonderful, something knit while on a journey to the exotic country of Egypt. A pattern was chosen. It was perfect. A beautiful shawl called Nefertiti. Very apropos, given the location where the yarn would, inevitability transform.

It was not long into the journey, however, that the creator of this fabulous knitted masterpiece, determined that perhaps.... just perhaps, knitting a lace shawl with 18 different charts is, NOT a great travel project and the yarn was put aside for a less exciting, less complex, less.... Egyptian , but infinitely simpler knitted project.

The yarn was picked up occasionally, once the travel adventure was over, but the original lustre and excitement of the feeling of destiny that yarn and project had, was lost. Finally, in mid July, the knitter stalled on her endless queue of projects... nothing on her list really called to her... and so... the yarn,  once again, found itself the centre of the knitter's attention. The knitter quickly worked through charts 5, 6, 7 and 8.... the end of chart 8 was the half way mark of the shawl. It was lovely and flowing beautifully off the needles and the knitter started to feel very excited about the finished project.

She began chart 9 and in the third row of that chart... she discovered a problem... a really big problem... there seemed to be 10 stitches missing...... She somehow missed a whole chart.... way back at chart number 3.......  and now the yarn is......

back where it started.... a lovely ball of silk, lace-weight yarn... yearning to be something beautiful.....


  1. ugh... that sucks! and it was so beautiful! Myrna, your knitting amazes me!! thanks for sharing!~Meghan

  2. Oh my. I felt physical pain when I saw that last shot. The yarn is stunning and definitely worthy of another chance.