Monday, September 6, 2010


Today my baby girl turned FIVE. Five seems like a big deal because she is no longer a baby, toddler or pre-schooler.... She's a full blown little girl (and she's got the highs and lows of a full blown drama-queen to prove it!). Before I know it, she'll be a teenager and then BAM! she'll be gone..... off to conquer the world....

Ok... I'm clearly in a panic spiral here... I need to stop and take a breath, I've still got another 13-15 years (maybe longer if she goes to college nearby).... phew.

We decided to keep the birthday hoopla to a minimum this year. No big birthday party, just a special day for a special girl. She opened her gifts this morning and then her Dad took her to the pool for some fun Daddy-Daughter play time.

The Bday Loot.

Ladybug from Aunty Kim

Shirt from Opa & Cary
(had to be worn immediately)

Eli reading the cards
When she returned we worked on her Birthday cake. This is only the third Birthday cake that I've ever made for either of the kids (and Chey's first)..... I'm not much of a baker, but I was watching a lot of Cake Boss this summer. How hard could it be???

I baked a cake and did a crumb coat. Then I iced the cake with a base and a piped some decorative stuff on it.

Then the fun part started.... I decided that we would make bugs out of fondant to decorate the top of the cake. Fondant really is like edible playdoh... it was fun!! Even Dale got involved.

Once the bugs were complete, I added them to the cake. We make ladybugs, butterflies, slugs, snails, ants, a spider, caterpillars, a couple of flowers, some leaves a mushroom and a duck (Dale made the duck, I guess he didn't get the memo about the theme).

After supper we sang the traditional "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed......

Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten and I finished Chey's BTSS.... stay tuned for photos.....


  1. I love the photos, Myrna! I can't believe that Chey's five... how time flies :)

  2. Happy 5th Birthday to Chey from The Robbies!! That cake turned out to be amazing!!!! Awesome job cute little family!!!

  3. Hannah wanted me to tell Chey that she says, "Happy Birthday!!!" She loved seeing photos of all of her ladybug birthday loot!!!