Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Nick of Time.

After a marathon of flicking, carding and spinning over the past few days, I am done. Actually, I should probably restate that... I am as done, as I'm gonna be. I have only today to pack for me, the children and the dogs for a lengthy trip to BC, clean my house and do all the little things around the home that need to be done before I go.

First of all, I want to say that I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I took a fleece... straight off the sheep's back (The Sheep and The Process) and transformed it into yarn.

Unfortunately that yarn, did not fully meet up with my expectations:

A) It's under plied (you can see this quite clearly in the pictures below). This is a problem which I might be able to fix, if I had more time, but I don't and I still want to bring the yarn with me on my trip. However, if I manage to do all of my chores today, I might run it through my wheel again, to somewhat fix that.... we shall see.

B) It's too thick. I had planned on a laceweight yarn, but my finished yarn turned out to be fingering weight.

C) My dye job.... Actually, the colour is PERFECT. Exactly what I had in mind.... regrettably, the areas where the yarn was tied, did not dye (there is a reason that it's called Tie Dye, after all).... so there are lighter and whiter patches in the yarn in these spots (you can see this in the last dye picture). I knew this was going to happen, but in my rush to finish last night, I forgot to check...... I could dye the yarn again, but as I mentioned already... I am out of time and so, I will knit the yarn as is and if the whiter spots bug me, I'll attempt to over-dye the finished shawl.

D) I have 1300m. The pattern calls for around 1350m. I am taking a big risk here. I did a Ravelry search for a new pattern, but I have my heart set on Evenstar. And so ..... even with the problems mentioned above, I am going to use my yarn to attempt to knit it..... and hope for the best..... if worse comes to worse, I guess I will have to finally admit defeat and use a mill-spun yarn for the shawl... because I WILL knit this shawl.

Stay tuned for THAT adventure...... although blogging will be limited to non-existent while I travel.....

And for a final picture.... Look at my cutie doggies.... they had a fresh haircut yesterday. I LOVE it when they're newly clipped, they look ridiculous.....

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