Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project "Spin-a-sweater"

I decided a while ago, that I was ready.... ready to attempt to spin the right yarn for the right project. I had attempted to do so when I spun the yarn for Chey's Handspun Cardigan, but in the end.... my spinning wasn't quite what I needed for the project I had in mind (it was spun too loosely and too thick for the navajo 3-ply yarn that I had aimed for). It was close, however.... very close... and so, I thought I would attempt to spin yarn for a cardigan in the latest Twist Collective issue. Carol Sunday's "Poplar & Elm". I needed a sport weight yarn and I had 1000 grams of an 80% merino 20% silk roving in my stash (a gift from my Dad and his wife, who support and encourage my fiber infatuation). I decided I would attempt a 3 ply sport weight..... and went from This:

to This:

approx. 650m of 3-ply sport weight yarn (between 12 & 13 wpi... yarn has not been finished), with another 400m of singles to be plied (I'm estimating the finished yardage of the singles, not the length of the singles)..... enough (I hope) for the above sweater, but with 3/4 length sleeves........

and a TON of roving left over...... a least enough for another sweater......


  1. Dang lady!! You've been busy!!! It looks great!!! You are very fortunate to be so tiny...I'd need several sheep to share their fleece to cover me up!!! Haha!!!

  2. looks beautiful - love the color :)