Thursday, August 27, 2009

One thing at a time...

I've discovered, over the last year or so, my true knitterly self. I am now proud to say that "I" am a one-project-finish-that-project-then-start-the-next-project kind of gal. I've always been that way; with knitting and with life in general. Within the past year or so, however, I have tried to go beyond my natural state into the life of the multi-project knitter (although, at most I only had maybe 5 going at the same time). This foray outside of my comfort zone has not accomplished what, in my mind, is the purpose of knitting.... relaxation and stress control.... You see, I like control... firm control and I get very stressed out when I have too many knitting projects on needles because I can't finish any of them in the time that I have alloted for that particular project. This is the point when I can no longer enjoy my knitting and I begin to see it as a chore. I'm not sure exactly when or why I decided that a "real" knitter has 30 projects, many of which remain as WIPs (works in progress) or that get relegated to hibernation status, sometimes for years... perhaps it was due to my sudden immersion of into the greater knitting community at large when I joined the wonderful Ravelry. Ravelry touched a place in my knitting soul... It was a place to organize my projects and stash and needles and library of knitting related paper. It was also a place where single project knitters, like myself, seem less common than those knitters who thrive on multiple projects. Knitters who seem not to be bothered by the number of WIPs and hibernating projects on their project pages. Knitters who seemed to be proud of the number of their UFOs (unfinished objects). I felt then, that I must be missing something..... I must join these enlightened beings, break out of my self and perhaps find some creative piece of me that was missing.....

I did not find what I was looking for..... there was nothing missing. I am not a multi-project knitter and so, I proudly pronounce that I will continue to work one project at a time (OK.. two projects, I need a small travel one) to it's completion, or damnation before I start another... even IF the next project is begging to be started..... it will bloody well have to wait it's turn.

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  1. I am so with you on this!!! I have one WIP right now, and it is a blanket that I don't have anyone to give it to, so I work on it in between other projects (it is VERY repetative, so I do need breaks), and I have one project in hibernation...mainly because it needs to be frogged and I am too lazy to do it. Otherwise, I only have one true project going at a time. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!