Sunday, August 23, 2009

BTSS 2009

Oh my... It's that time of year again...The Back To School Sweater (BTSS)...... and it's been slightly over a year since I started my blogging adventure and the first knitting project I talked about was Eli's first BTSS (the 2008 version). I learned a few lessons from that sweater..... mainly... do NOT knit a sweater for Eli in wool... it doesn't matter if we searched forevA to find a non-itchy wool and that he picked out the colours and yarn himself because he will NOT wear it..... He wore that sweater a total of three times last year and only when forced to do so...... so this year I decided NOT to knit another one. That decision remained firm, until I mentioned it to Eli and he looked disappointed...... Here we go again.

This year's BTSS is being knit in Cotton (Estelle Cloud Cotton, to be exact) and is my first fully calculated (no pattern involved but my own) top-down sweater. The plan is to have a kangaroo pocket in front and a hood (Eli LOVES his hoodies). I also wanted something to break up the green and settled on a silhouette of Pikachu (a Pokemon character) on the pocket (my own interpretation of Pikachu, that is). It should be done by the first day of school (which is August 27th this year), but is unlikely to be worn on that day as the temperature is predicted to be in the mid to high 20s (Celsius).

I've also finished another sweater since I last posted, Delphine from French Girl Knits(Ravelry Link), although my pattern came from Interweave Knits Spring 2009 issue. It was a super fast knit, finished in 6 days.

On to non-knitting news.... Yesterday was Chey's 4th Birthday party. She really wanted a "painting party" at our local Ceramic painting store UB The Artist and I was happy to oblige.

In front of UB The Artist
Birthday Girl!
Dino Cake and Fruit Centerpiece
painting her plate

Smurf Teeth
mmmmm.... cake


  1. I love the colour of Elis BTSS! Very nice design with Pikachu.
    We had a great time at Chey's party!! I can't wait to see how the plates turn out!! See you soon!

  2. I love your BTSS. I was wondering if a pattern was available for it? I would love to make it for my 3 year old.