Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pure Bliss

I went horseback riding today, with my friend Lynzy (to whom I am incredibly grateful for the use of her horsies). It was amazing, although you'll have to trust me 'cause I didn't bring a camera (people that know me well will be shocked..... Me without a camera??? Crazy!).

We rode through open fields surrounded by leafy, green trees. The green was that lovely intense green that you can only see in the fresh green of spring. The fields were sprinkled with a liberal dose of dandelions (a flower, I love; as long as it stays in the wild open spaces of the world... and out of my backyard) and hidden beneath the dandelions was a carpet of purple, wild violas. It was spectacular..... The sun was shining, there were hardly any bugs, I had great company and I was at peace...... almost anyway; I brought Jade (my standard poodle, the toy poodle stayed home) along for the ride. Jade is a city dog, she's never been around horses and she was quite concerned about me being up on that weird creature and voiced her concern occasionally throughout the ride. Overall, she did really well and loved running around... Her belly-flop into a creek was pretty funny to..... 

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