Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Fibre Week at Olds College is coming up and I need to make a decision. Should I take the Level 1 (or maybe beginner) spinning course? Can I justify taking up to five days to take this course??

Here are the positives and negatives to my decision.


1) I really want to. I think it would be an enormous help to my spinning learning curve. Yes, I can continue to read and watch videos and teach myself, but that also means that I'll be picking up bad habits and not learning to my full potential. I want to start off on the right foot. I've been knitting for nearly nine years and only feel like I've gained true competency in the last year and a half (basically since I came out of the knitting closet and started hanging out in knitting stores and on Ravelry). I don't want my spinning to be like my knitting. I want to "get there" faster......

2) It would be fun and five whole days of being an adult, doing adult things with other adults. I love being a stay-at-home Mom, but there are days when I want to crawl into my bed and wait for groundhog day to be over..... 

3) Fibre week falls on my hubby's days off, which rarely, if ever,  line up with things I want to do.


1) My hubby works out of town and is only home for six days out of the month. I feel guilty using up those days for myself (don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem taking a day or two, but this would be FIVE whole days). We should be doing family stuff. Camping, hanging out and enjoying the summer as a family. He's only home for two and a half of the eight weeks that Eli's home for summer break and having time together as a family is important (top of the list kind of important). Especially, to help balance out all of the time that he's gone..... We could all camp around Olds, but the fact remains that I would be gone most of the time and Olds isn't the kind of place that we normally camp and vacation.... We like mountains and lakes and usually try to get some extended family visiting in while we can during the summer (we'll probably go visit my MIL in Salmon Arm if I decide not to go), I don't like driving to BC (where all of our family resides) in the winter unless necessary.... 

2) It's a long commute. According to Google Maps, it's about one hour and 15 minutes from my house. That's with no traffic, so you can probably add another half hour each way. I know people commute more than that to work every day, but that extra three hours or so of travel time is also making the five days longer (I'd probably be gone from 7:oo am - 5:30pm) and increasing the guilt factor associated with going.

3) If I decide to take either course, I have to find alternative care for the kids for one of the days because that's the day that Dale travels to/from work. This adds to the cost of the course and/or inconveniences one of my friends, which I don't like to do... Also the beginner spinning course is on a Friday which happens to be the last day of school (a half day) and Eli has piano lessons on Fridays, so whoever watched the kids would have to pick Eli up from school and take him to piano... too much to ask in my opinion.....

4) And then there's the cost. It's not a lot and would totally be worth it, but it is a negative. Especially when considering the gas and extras (possible childcare, food and stash enhancement).

Kinda sounds like my decision is already made... doesn't it... :*{

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  1. Hi Myrna,

    I can understand your trouble with your decision. I think I would go for family. But maybe there is another way. You could phone Olds and ask if they are planning another Level 1 class at one of spinning guilds in Calgary in fall. Last fall they offered the class at the Heritage Spinners Guild in Inglewood which was planned for 6 Saturday afternoons from October to May. I signed up but unfortunately there were not enough people and they cancelled the class. Level 1 and 2 are also available as a distance class with contact to the teacher. I decided to go for that because I really wanted to do it. Maybe that is also an option for you.
    Are you at M1 any time soon?