Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A cool thing arrived in the mail today. An Ego Book.

What is this thing you ask? It's a book of all of my Facebook Status updates from June 2009 to June 2012. Why does a person need such a thing and am I really THAT egocentric?? Yes and no....for me, Facebook has been the place where I share many of the funny things my kids have said and done and I, occasionally, like to reflect on them. However, it is incredibly difficult to sift back though six years of posts to find the ones I want.. When I found Ego Book, I knew my problem was solved. I thought I'd share some of my favourites here.

Posted Oct. 15, 2009: Chey 4yrs "Are you picking up what I'm putting on the floor?" in context when asking if I understood her

Posted Nov. 7, 2009: Chey 4yrs in response to me asking her if I could put a flower on the hat I was making her..... Chey "I hate Flowers!" Me "Why?" Chey "Because! They don't KILL people"... I think this obsession with dangerous creatures has moved from endearing to concerning......

Posted March 15, 2010: Chey 4yrs "Mommy, I feel seasick" Me "What is seasick?" Chey "seasick is when you're sick of seeing!"

And a couple of notes from the book I kept before Facebook

Spring 2005: Eli 3yrs... One morning when Dale was getting ready to leave for work (he worked out of town at that time, Eli asked "Daddy? Have you made enough money for Mommy yet?"

Aug. 2005: Eli 3 yrs.... During Eli's "why?" phase I used to say "why is not a real question, ask me a real question and I will answer it"...... Eli's response.... "why is "why" not a real question?"

Oct 2005: Eli 4yrs... One day Dale and Eli were playing together in the basement when I heard a sudden commotion and Dale appeared carrying Eli (who was in the midst of a temper tantrum). He carried him to his room for a time out and walked away. Once the door was closed Eli yelled "is that the best you can do?"..... I nearly peed my pants....

And to finish this glimpse into my children's minds... I will share a song I wrote during the same time frame as the above incident....a particularly, rough, parenting patch, which.... Fortunately for all of us, ended soon after this next incident which inspired a song... Based on a single true event and sung to the Twelve Days of Christmas.... I will share the eleventh verse only

On the eleventh stage of temper tantrum my child gave to me.....

A battle in the bedroom, a battle in the car seat, a high pitched scream, a half hour of crying, a ridiculous demand, a windmill punch, a kick in the shins, "you stupid poopy head," a bite in the ass, a bruised husband and a headache for all to see......

 You have to have a sense of humor to be a parent.... This much I know for certain.

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