Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Tale of Two Tours

The Tour De France ended on the weekend with British rider Bradley Higgins taking the yellow jersey (I had to look that up, just in case you think I've suddenly taken an interest in a sport and worried about my mental well being) and with it, ended a less well known tour.... The Tour De Fleece. The Tour De Fleece was started in 2006 by spinners (I would love to credit the creator of our tour, but can't seem to find the information) as a sort of homage to the Tour De France. In our tour we try to spin each day of the race, resting when the cyclists rest and challenging ourselves within our spinning. This was my first year of participation and my goal was to spin 709g (25oz) of super wash merino (Juliespins in colour Koala) as a three ply yarn.

I started on the first day of the tour

 And worked, spinning almost every day

Until I finally had 15 bobbins of singles (yes, I know there aren't 15 bobbins in the picture... one skein had already been plied and I had one single left to spin)

And finally, I was done Almost 1100m (1200yd) of worsted/aran weight three ply yarn.... Someone's going to get a pretty nice sweater....

Looking forward to next year!

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