Monday, April 23, 2012

Total Bedlam... and I love it!

Today was day two of Knit Club at my Eli's school and the club has grown totally of a proportion at which I am confident that I can teach the kids anything. There are now 30+ kids (and more want to join, but we've had to turn them away) in the group and two adults. Today we learned the knit stitch. Or rather, we TRIED to learn the Knit Stitch. A half an hour is just not enough time......

I'm hoping I can go into the school and give mini-lessons to a few kids during the day so that I can have a few kids that are more confident knitters to help with the rest......

Here is a link to the full "Knit Class" pdf that I made up. I haven't broken down the other parts so you'll have to download the whole thing to check it out.

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