Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Neat idea: Bathroom organization

I need some kind of storage in my bathroom. My makeup, hair and miscellaneous "beauty" products are breeding uncontrollably and taking over. I thought a medicine chest might contain some of the mess, but I have two problems:

1) I think they are ugly.
2) I think they are too expensive for what they are.

So how does one solve such a conundrum? Creatively...... I went to Winners a few weeks ago and found a bunch of wooden boxes made up to look like books. I thought they were neat and I bought one. I held onto it for a few day unsure of why I bothered, when an epiphany struck. The "books" could be a solution to my problem! They were cheap ($10-15 each) and pretty. So I bought a few more and had Dale insert some shelves in a couple of them using square dowel (I'm sure it's called something else) and baseboard molding.

Today I installed them and they look great! I spent around $70 for all five (including shelving). Much cheaper than any medicine chest I could find that I only moderately detested. The beast is contained and I am content, thrilled even.

Neat, eh?

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