Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Everywhere I go... in my house, anyway. I tend to decorate similarly every year, so I won't share photos of the entire house, but here are a few of my main living area (which is also my favourite room until the tree goes up this weekend).

I've added a few knitted creations this year. My knitted Carolers (of course! and no Barbora, I am NOT giving them to you for Christmas, you'll have to learn to knit them yourself.....I know you were hoping... *wink*). are sitting by the fireplace

and I've knit some stars (which will be turned into something else, but work nicely with my poinsetta floral display for now). I've also made a Merry Christmas Banner from some felted patches that I knit several years ago. My original intention was to use them to recover some chairs, but I couldn't imagine sitting on them.... they're very scratchy. They work nicely when cut into letters for the banner though....

And finally, I thought I'd share Chey's letter to Santa..... because it's very "her" (although I did have her exclude the part after "I tried to be good this year"... It was supposed to read "I tried to be good this year, but I was only good about half the time").

I'll post more pictures when the tree goes up.....

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  1. Funny. I just saw flying sharks are on sale at Toy's R Us starting tomorrow. I remembered it because I thought. Flying Shark. What the? : )
    I love the decor. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas.