Sunday, May 1, 2011

Celebration of Spring!

It's May 1st and the snow is finally almost gone from my backyard..... a few crocuses are blooming and it reached a high of 16C today. There were even a few of the neighbourhood children in bathing suits having water-fights in their backyards.... Only in Canada.....  With the weather behaving so nicely.... it seemed like an absolutely perfect day to ..........

go SKIING!!!!!!

And so we did..... We met our wonderful friends on the hill (so awesome!) and had at it! It was a GORGEOUS Day! Super Sunny and warm and hardly any people. It was Chey's very first time on Skis and although she was nervous, she did well and more importantly, had fun! Eli was progressing to a confident green runner two years ago, but the "fear" has returned and he struggled to make it down the hill. Must.go.more.often...... Here are a few pix

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