Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Cardigan

I'm not feeling particularly verbose today, but thought I'd show you my latest FO (finished object). Pattern is the Austin Hoodie, yarn is JulieSpins M420S in Green Jasper. Mods are: No hood, no side faux side-seam, buttons (original has no closure) and a garter stitch hem rather than a folded one. I knit the 35.5 size (I usually knit a 32-ish, I like zero ease type sweaters) because I wanted it to button and be comfy. I loved the short row sleeve cap and will probably do all of my set-in sleeves that way from now on. The colour is truest in the picture where you can see my head. I futzed with the colour in the close-up so you could see the stitches better.

I think this may be my most wearable sweater to-date. I love many of the items that I've made, but many are not wearable on a consistent basis. This one is perfect for year round. Light enough to wear under a winter jacket, heavy enough to be a nice cardigan for spring, summer and the warmer days of fall. 

I've been spinning for my next project. I'm over half done, what I hope will be a 2 ply sport weight yarn. The roving is a 50/50 Merino/Tencel blend, also from JulieSpins. The colour is amazing. It almost looks metallic. The colour ranges from a bright lime green  to a silvery charcoal. I am very excited for the finished yarn. I'm planning to combine it with some commercial yarn for a finished sweater..... 

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