Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Posting problems....

I haven't posted in nearly three weeks. Not because I have nothing to say (I do), but because of the whole "Christmas Knitting" thing. I have worked on nothing but Christmas knitting since my last post. I did start a long arduous post about parenting, but decided it was too heavy and tossed it.

The good news is that I've nearly finished ALL of my Christmas knitting, including a couple of add ons. I have one big project and one smaller one to finish that are "must dos," but that aren't actually due until Christmas, so the pressure's off. I'm also hoping to squeeze in a hat for Dale and a cool scarf/mitten idea for Chey (which is started, but on hold for now). I took a picture of the pile before I shipped off the items to be shipped, but I won't share that photo until after Christmas..... Did I mention that I have 3 weeks left??? I RULE!!

I've also decorated the inside and outside of the house (except the tree), written my Christmas Letter and sent Christmas Cards and even wrapped about 1/2 of the presents..... all Hail the Christmas Goddess......

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