Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Countdown.

Only EIGHT more sleeps to Christmas and I'm looking great (on the Christmas Extravaganza front, not the physically attractive front, although that's not bad either ;) ....).

  • Christmas Cards finished and sent?? Check.
  • Christmas Parcels wrapped and mailed?? Check.
  • Christmas decorating??? Check.
  • Christmas Tree decorated??? Check.
  • Christmas presents purchased and wrapped?? Check.
  • Christmas dinner planned and pre-shopped?? Check.
  • Christmas knitting??? CHECK, CHECK. I've even had time to knit an extra and do some spinning which I also hope to include as a gift.
  • House cleaned?? Not yet, but I've got EIGHT DAYS... well, I've got 4 days until guests arrive, but still......
  • Christmas Baking?? Again, not yet, but I don't bake very much anyway (we're not big baked goods eaters), so I'm looking good there too... I'm basically planning to bake sugar cookies and make fudge.... big whoop.
  • Christmas Dinner prep??? Nope... not done this yet either. There isn't that much that I can do. I plan to make a potato casserole that freezes well, but that's about it.....

All in all, I'm disgustingly well prepared.... bring it......

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