Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Very Merry Pre-Birthday to me!

My Birthday is on Monday and because Dale left for work yesterday, he and the kids decided to celebrate my bday before he left. They brought up a few cards and a couple of gifts and sang me Happy Birthday in Bed (Eli also sang it in French). Apparently, Eli insisted I get yarn for my birthday (in spite of the fact that I asked him to tell Daddy that I wanted earrings) and Dale complied (they are both rather well trained, aren't they... ) and took the kids out to Shuttleworks where they purchased a gift certificate (I see a few new spinning accessories in my future). My Mom gave me some lovely candles (they smell YUMMY!) and my MIL gave me some money which I used to buy the yarn I posted about the other day. Later in the day (after Dale had gone) a parcel arrived on my doorstep from my Dad. I was going to leave it to open on Monday, but the kids begged (they didn't have to beg too hard), so I opened it. Inside were 3, very pretty, teacups and saucers. The "extra special" kind and a new tea to try. Eli really wanted a tea party and so......

Aren't the teacups lovely?! I want the rest of the set now..... even though they aren't my "normal" style... they are just so PRETTY......

So a very exuberant Thank YOU! to Dad and Caren, Mom and Elizabeth and of course..... Dale, Eli and Chey...... you made my day.

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  1. WOW!!! i am crazy in love with those cups. you ought to get the rest of the set.

    lots of love to you on your birthday. i hope that you have a special day!