Monday, April 27, 2009

Crochet Cardigan saga...

I finished my crochet cardigan last night and used almost EVERY bit of every skein of Tilli Thomas Pure and Simple in Jade that I had... After sewing in the ends, I *may* have had 2 meters left over. I had originally planned to write up the pattern for this cardigan, but honestly.... I ripped the damn thing out so many times and *intuitively* (or so I'd like to think) continued on, that I'm not sure I *could* write up a pattern. I did reverse engineer parts of it and wrote notes and I suppose if there is enough interest on Ravelry, I'll give it a shot, but only if....... The front is a lot more flattering than the photo shows... I promise.

Here ye be...

I'm still working on my Entangled stitches (now fingerless) gloves. The cables on them hurt my hands like hell and I needed a bit of a break, but I'm determined to get them done. I'm absolutely convinced that finished gloves will encourage the weather to change..... This is what my backyard looks like this morning....

it's April the 27th for Cryin' out loud! And it's supposed to stay that way (or get worse) for the next couple of days. I'll bet that the day after my gloves are finished, it'll be +20C...... and I'll embrace it! This is one glove that I finished a week or so ago...... I LOVE it!!!!! The cables are so pretty.... It's a great pattern, although sized for bigger hands than mine. I did go down a needle size, but it's a bit stiff, which I'm hoping will change when washed.

I'm also determined to get back to spinning. I haven't spun much in the past month or so (I'm overwhelmed by my knitting queue), but plan to finish a 3 ply (according to my handy dandy spinners control card this will make it between a sport and DK) this week sometime... One bobbin to go.


  1. Well the cardi gives you an excuse to make a second one to confirm the pattern. Perhaps out of that gorgeous purple?

  2. I don't think there will be enough of the purple, but that's a great idea! :)