Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Return

After a brief hiatus, mainly due to the insanity of over scheduling myself, I am back. Maybe.

I've been a very busy MOM this month and have had very little time to be ME.... I am the volunteer coordinator for my daughter's school; which has involved, manually, inputting 500 students' parental information into an excel spreadsheet, organizing them by class, finding room parents and setting them up for the year. I am also on both schools' parent councils, a health action committee and I will be starting "Knit Club" at Eli's school, again,  next week. Plus, both kids celebrated their birthdays (Chey is now seven, Eli is eleven) this month and have, despite my best efforts to train them otherwise, still required feeding, cleaning and the occasional clean piece of laundry...... all of this has left me with too much to say and not one ounce of will to say it....

This is a N64 system given to him by his Aunty Theressa... BIGGEST.HIT.EVER!

I did get a few things for ME done.... sort of for me.... It does seem an awful lot like my ME time involves the kids and/or spouse, eh?

1) I finished Chey's BTSS (Back to School Sweater) for 2012, only a week late. Eli will not be getting a BTSS this year.... too many years of the sweater never being worn has finally taught me not to bother.... He will get socks instead.... eventually.

2) I have finished painting my Studio/Craft room and have big, BIG, plans in the decorating/organizing aspects. I don't want to share a peek... I think I'll wait until it's completely done... sorry. It will be worth it though, I promise.

3) We hiked up (well, part way up) the backside of Mt. Yamnuska (also known as Mt. Laurie)

4) We went to the Calgary Corn maze and I enjoyed a visit with one of my closest friends while the kids ran and played.

And the month is nearly over.... Wow.

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