Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update: Slideshow wasn't workin'

I fixed the slideshow from the last post if you're interested.... Blogger doesn't like Apple it seems (How shocking! Competing companies that don't get along?? This is the first I've heard of it.... *cough*). I've now updated a Picasa web album and posted the slideshow. On another note... Did you know you know you can pay Google (or many other websites I'm sure, but since I use Blogger it's handy for me) for additional storage to store your pix??? Another back-up option and I LOVE my backups......

 Link to Slideshow

and since I'm here, I thought I'd share the Calgary Zoo's new Penguin Exhibit (Penguin Plunge). I took the kids out of school on Wednesday afternoon for a preview (Zoo Membership holders had the privilege of seeing the exhibit before it was available to the general public). It was fabulous! We stayed and watched them for over an hour (45 minutes when we arrived and another 20 minutes on exit). I love those birdies....

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