Friday, November 18, 2011

New Pattern: Lady Beatrice

Lady Beatrice is the first of a series of Christmas Decorations that I am planning. She is approx. 45.7 cm tall (18") and 15.25 cm (6") wide. I was inspired by an awesome paper mache (they could be wood, I haven't seen them in a while) set of Carolers that my Dad and Caren own as part of their Christmas Decorations. I have planned to make these for a while and even did the initial planning and some of the knitting last January, but found that knitting Christmas in January is rather depressing.... so I left off until a couple of weeks ago. And here she is.....

introducing...... Lady Beatrice

All proceeds from the sale of this pattern (between now and March 1, 2012) will be donated to the Train Park Rejuvenation Project (my neighbourhood park). We need to raise 25K by mid-March and this is my little part...... 

If you'd like to buy the pattern here is the Ravelry Link or you can