Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to the grind.

I'm completely unmotivated to write this post, but sort of feel like I need to keep up my momentum.

I finished, washed and blocked the sweater that I knit while in Egypt. It started out as a chunky tee for Chey, but finished off as a chunky tunic-tee for a Christmas present (it's too big for Chey, I did not measure on the trip, I just kept on knitting). It was almost entirely knit on the two big drives we did while in Egypt, to Alexandria and Whale Valley.

Here it is. I picture it with skinny jeans and a belt..... on a 10 year old girl... cute eh?

I've also finished my winter All-in-One prototype. I was going to do a pattern for the snake mitten scarf I made up for Chey last Christmas, but by the time I finished my test knit for the pattern, I lost interest. So I revamped the idea and came up with the All-in-One. It's a hat, scarf and mittens in one item..... hopefully with a lower chance of being left at school....... I need to tweak it a bit, but I hope to have a pattern finished before winter ends.....

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