Monday, February 15, 2010


I finished my Snowdrop Shawl today. This was the last pattern in the inaugural Year of Lace (2008). The original yarn was a 100% white merino, but I just wasn't thrilled with the feel of the yarn. I knit a good 10 inches of shawl before the "meh" feeling overwhelmed me and I stuffed the project in a drawer.... and tried to forget about it..... This didn't work, however, as my intense need to finish a project was a constant itch between my shoulder blades.... I couldn't quite ignore it. Finally, shortly after Christmas, I hauled it out of the drawer and looked at it, critically.... I was still "meh" about the yarn, so I did something that I rarely do.... I pulled out the needles and threw the yarn in the garbage....... I then decided that I still wanted to knit the pattern and thought that some qiviut/angora in my stash would work nicely...... I cast on and was off.... and today I finished it..... It's VERY pretty. The yarn is soft and lovely (although it sheds like a cat who is determined to become hairless, my entire house looks like small rabbits have invaded and had babies).

I also finished this cardigan a few weeks ago. I never got around to posting about it, but here is a picture.... It's Kelmscott, but with a modified collar ('cause I ran out of yarn). I love it!

I'm currently working on this Fiddlehead mitten kit and have finished one outside mitten. I haven't done a lot of fair isle, but I am enjoying these and my stranding is improving. I can see more colourwork in my future

I'm also working on a pattern for Chey's snake mitten scarf from Christmas.... Details coming soon.... There will be a LOT of knitting completed in the next 2 weeks... I LOVE the Olympics and plan to make a permanent butt mark on my couch during that time....

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