Sunday, May 31, 2009

The pianist.

Eli's first piano recital was on Sunday. He was so nervous! He was quiet. VERY quiet. If you know Eli at all, you know that "quiet" is rarely used to describe him. At one point he even said he felt sick and, to be quite honest, he was definitely looking a little green around the gills, but he did it and he was great! I was very proud of him....

Here is a picture before we left for the concert, looking quite handsome in his shirt and tie.

Here he is, just prior to going on, looking less than impressed.

And the video of his performance

Chey couldn't be left out. After he was all done and the applause died down, Chey said "Wow! That was GREAT!"..... and she wasn't quiet about it either.....the entire audience burst out laughing (there were over 100 people there) it was the only noise she made through the whole concert......

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  1. How cute!! Eli really did a great job! And he looks very smart in his shirt and tie! Adorable.